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CFO Engage Delhi 2020

Join the Distinguished Upper Tier of Finance at the 7th Edition of CFO Engage Summit. With an expected attendance of over 500 participants, attendees will benefit from extensive networking opportunities and companies will be able to showcase their distinguished products and services. Join us at this Exceptional Experience.

CFO Engage Bengaluru 2020

The 6th Edition of CFO Engage Summit will focus on empowering strategic finance leaders with thought-provoking sessions by the industry’s best and brightest experts to share their knowledge, experience and effective business strategy. An invite-only event taking place behind closed doors, the summit

CFO Engage Mumbai 2019

The Future of Finance is evolving to be Agile and in a volatile business environment, agility is essential for creating accurate forecasts, taking advantage of opportunities, and applying a well defined correcting course of action as and when adverse events happen.

CFO Engage Delhi 2019

The 2nd annual edition in Delhi is destined be a higher level summit and a must attend gathering for the game changers in the Finance sector in India. Designed with the CFO and senior finance executive in mind, CFO Engage Summit is the key opportunity for finance leaders across all industry sectors to examine issues and share insights and best practices. 

CFO Engage Bengaluru 2019

With the resounding success of CFO ENGAGE (Delhi, JULY /2018 ) and CFO ENGAGE (Mumbai, OCTOBER /2018), comes another fantastic outing CFO ENGAGE – Bengaluru, with a focus on “CFO as a Strategist”. 

CFO Engage Mumbai 2018

As new technologies continue to evolve, they appear to be more firmly entrenched in the DNA of today’s Chief Financial Officer. The emergence of such industry driven innovations, such as block chain, robot process automation (RPA), and cognitive technologies is expected to transform businesses and its operating models. 

CFO Treasury Mumbai 2018

Treasury’s strategic role continues to expand as it takes on more responsibilities, collaborates with an increasing array of business units, advises senior management and becomes heavily involved in making capital allocation decisions. Treasurers’ skill sets are increasingly in demand to provide analytical rigor and advise corporate leaders and boards of directors on how to best optimize corporate liquidity and ensure holistic risk management.

CFO Engage Delhi 2018

A big thank you to our esteemed Speakers. Thank you to our wonderful sponsors. Without your support, the conference could not have been a success. We cannot thank you enough for believing in the forum and taking time out for 2 days to participate in CFO Engage. Thank you very much for your attendance. 

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