CII and digital transformation in MSMEs

Digital transformation got a big push in business, primarily because of two reasons, sustainable business continuity and risk management. Samip Mutha, Vice President and Group Head – Digital and Innovation, RPG Group, and Chair, DX Catalogue, Committee at CII-CDT, shares his thoughts on the impact of COVID-19 on business and adapting to a virtual work sphere.

Mutha highlights that, for India, digitalisation should look at manufacturing. Driving digital transformation to become a global competitor, and increase productivity – in service and on the floor – across all levels of enterprises is the key, not just large businesses. Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) have to embrace digital opportunities.

Confederation of India Industry (CII) works as a coach for MSMEs to demystify government policies and regulation. Furthermore, it collects the enterprises’ feedback and conveys the necessary requirements to the industry. This leads to addressing the challenges faced by startups and empowering the SMEs. Mutha said. “Some of the initiatives that we see during our conferences is about building a strong pillar made of foundational blocks required for digital transformation, and scale some of the basic skills through skill augmentation.”

Businesses need to take a lesson from pandemic-driven digitalisation and prepare themselves for the future. Mutha said an important area of focus for CII is establishing the ‘DXcel’, an assessment tool that evaluates a company’s digital health and compares its digital transformation journey with its peers and competitors.

Widespread digital transformation will bring in a host of new opportunities for the Indian manufacturing industry, and efforts must be made to ensure companies are educated and trained in digital systems to make headway towards becoming global leaders.

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