How our world has changed

Who would have believed even a month and a half ago that we would all be locked down as we are now? Watching an Andrea Bocelli performance on last Sunday night beamed ‘live’ from Milan I was depressed seeing familiar tourist sites across Europe completely deserted, desolate, almost as if bereft of life. These would ordinarily have been teeming with people, especially given the current onset of Spring.

Aren’t we responsible for our current situation? Don’t we agree we have nobody to blame? Why has Mother Nature chosen to strike back as strongly she has? Have we no ability to see the tell-tale signs that she has been sending us for so long now? How is what we’re experiencing now different from the polar bear starving in the Arctic because the ice caps are melting so quickly? Or the bird that lost its nest and its family just because the tree it had chosen to live in was felled?

Remember Nelson Mandela? We have scarcely been through 27 days of the lockdown. He spent 27 years in a cell. Let us hope we achieve even a semblance of what he did after he was released.

Will we come through this period? Of course, we will. But only because she will let us. If we choose not to learn from this unprecedented period, she will remind us again. And again. And again. For as long as it takes for us to ‘get it’.

Of course, there have been wonderful stories. Of helping selflessly, of giving. Of reaching out and aiding those who need it. And even those who do not. For nobody knows the other person’s story, do we? Life will never be the same again. But it will be better. If we let it. If we go back to our errant ways of materialistic and unnecessary consumption, of hoarding and then throwing away, of depriving those who need things more, of what is their rightful due, then she will send us another reminder. And another. And another. As many as we need.

Yes, these are tough times. But we all know what tough times do for those who learn from them. They make us stronger, more understanding, better human beings. So, let us permit this period teach us to be better and let our silent but persistent teacher win. We do not really have a choice, do we?

Behram Sabawala

CFO & CHRO at Tata Cliq

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