The 5 elements of Finance

Like the 5 elements of nature (space  fire air earth & water) these are the 5 elements of finance. 

My visit to the panchabootha stalls of Lord Shiva (5 different temples each representing, each of the elements) got me thinking on what are the important 5 elements in finance. And this is what I arrived at.

  1. Space– Like how there is no end to the space, your business revenue to be so vast, having no limits to the growth of your business top line. So the space element of finance is revenue. 
  2. Fire– If your business does not meet sufficient margins, then you feel like your business is on fire! Therefore business margins are the fire element.
  3. Air– We cannot live even for moment without air! So the air equivalent of your business is indeed cash as you cannot do business without money.
  4. Earthis the fourth element and what I would like to equate it to are the resources of your business. Without the requisite resources like capital, assets, technology, customers etc your business may not succeed as well. You need to nurture and nourish them for better growth. 
  5. Water– The essential one! I relate this element with people – your team as they are the ones who can deliver operational efficiency in your business. They are the key, as they are the ones who make the business. Even if you are a solo preneur, you are the most essential element of the business.

Based on the above, I would encourage you to take a moment and reflect on:

– As an #entrepreneur how are you making the most of your 5 business finance elements? 

– What is your #strategy to grow these 5 elements? 

– How would you leverage on these 5 elements to gain the most for your business? 

Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh

Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer at Dun & Bradstreet Technologies and Data Services Pvt. Ltd.

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