Could these be your marketing objectives for this year?
  • Fill your pipeline with qualified leads
  • Increase Sales
  • Enhance Customer Retention & Loyalty?
  • Expand your Com pany’s reach?
  • Shortern your sales cycle?
  • Announce new products or partnerships
  • Build brand awareness
  • Maintain your market position
Why Sponsor CFO Engage Summit?
CFO Engage Summit  attracts more chief finance officers than competitors. The audience for CFO Engage events encompasses influential senior finance executives across all industries and company sizes, offering a deep pool of potential new clients.
CFO Engage Summit provide finance executives with an essential source of advice and counsel from experts, solution providers and their peers through presentations and mediated conversations.  Our events provide insights that can spur innovation, and access to the resources that can help finance executives manage their functions and their businesses more effectively.
Whether you want to establish your brand in a thought leadership forum; showcase a new product or service; or present a case study, CFO Engage Summit gives you a dynamic high-touch platform. We will create lead-generating and awareness-building programs that extend your message before, during and after the event—and can customize a program to meet your unique marketing and communications objectives.
High-impact sponsorship opportunities include:
  • Engage heads of finance in topical discussions
  • Host an interactive roundtable discussion on the topic of your choice.
  • Educate finance executives on next best practices
  • Present an educational workshop or case study presentation with a client.
  • Position your company as a thought leader
  • Demonstrate your products and services
  • Showcase your solutions to decision makers in a dynamic exhibit space.
  • Feature your company logo on branded items and conference promotions before, during and after the event.
  • Meet with the decision maker for your products and services and leave the event with qualified new leads and a jumpstart on the sales cycle